Eugene Gilliland

Telephone, Micro-electronic, and Generator-powered Electrofishing Gear for Collecting Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) in Oklahoma lakes and rivers were sampled using gasoline-powered generators with variable voltage pulsators (VVP), magneto «telephone» generators, and micro-electronic «pacemaker» electrofishing devices. VVP gear produced the highest numbers of flathead observed surfacing (O/f) and collected (C/f) per electrofishing attempt. Telephones and pacemakers produced somewhat lower Olf and Clf values but length frequencies were similar to VVP samples. Pulse frequencies of 20 Hz appeared to be the most critical electrical output parameter influencing catch...


Evaluation of Oklahoma's Standardized Electrofishing in Calculating Population Structure Indices

As an evaluation of Oklahoma's Standardized Sampling Procedures (SSP), Lakes Arbuckle and Thunderbird were electrofished monthly from April through October 1983. Monthly largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) population structure indices and length frequencies were calculated from blocks of effort and increasing sample sizes. Reliability of estimates was determined by comparisons with values calculated from total monthly effort and catch. Spring and fall indices and length frequencies calculated from sample sizes of 150 bass or 5 hours of electrofishing effort were considered adequate to...