Dennis D. MacKee

Marketing to Increase Freshwater Angler Participation in Florida

Faced with continuing declines in license sales, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission (GFC) opted to identify areas of declining sales within the state and focus on developing tactics designed to increase participation and license sales in specific counties. Counties were identified based on historic sales trends and a test program was developed to see if a concerted effort in a tighter geography would be more productive than generic programs instituted statewide. Two counties with declining license sales and 1 county with growing license sales were selected for the initial phase....


Marketing as a Management Tool at the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission

Faced with declines in participation and license revenue, combined with increasing difficulty in securing general revenue funds, the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission leadership concluded that changes in the way the entire agency conducted itself appeared to be the only long term solution to the problem. Marketing principles were instituted agency-wide as a primary management tool. Marketing at the Commission would be a function everyone participated in, not just a promotional department. Problem solving, customer recognition, and orientation have become the guiding force of the...