David L. Hall

Compliance: The Mission of Wildlife Law Enforcement

The glorification of a poacher and the ingrained antagonism toward game laws and their enforcement has continued since early European immigration to North America. Effective wildlife law enforcement is a complicated discipline requiring selfmotivated compliance which will eventually change social attitudes and behavior regarding natural resource laws. A compliance philosophy evolved in Louisiana after implementing the results of research involving conservation officers, hunters, and violators. This team approach involves law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, and...


Impacts of Hunting on Duck Populations

The wood duck and other species of waterfowl were spared by reducing overharvest caused by unregulated hunting. The comparison of scientific investigations to duck hunter and law enforcement agent questionnaires revealed considerable controversy over the impacts of hunting and hunting regulations on duck populations and harvests. More reliable data on legal and illegal harvest, cripping loss, and nonhunting mortality are necessary for the orderly management of all species of ducks. The literature agreed with hunter/agent questionnaires-illegal kill and hunting ethics are significant issues...