David K. Woodward

Distribution and Habitat Indices of Northern Pine Snakes in North Carolina

A survey of northern pine snake occurrences (Pituophis m. melanoleucus) was completed in North Carolina in 1990 to determine the distribution and habitat of this state-listed species of special concern. A total of 196 snakes at 163 locations was mapped and visited. Most of the snakes were killed by vehicular traffic. Sixteen pine snakes were recorded at 12 sites in 3 mountain counties, a single snake from each of 2 sites in 1 foothill county, and 26 snakes at 24 sites in 2 coastal counties. However, the majority of the snakes (78% of total) were recorded at 119 sites in 7 contiguous...


Status of Beaver in South Carolina as Determined by a Postal Survey of Landowners

In 1975, a postal survey of4,500 landowners was conducted in South Carolina concerning the presence of beavers (Castor canadensis carolinensis) on their property. Ofthe 956 questionnaires returned, 239 (25 percent) confirmed the presence of beaver activity. During the past 10 years beaver populations have increased significantly in the Savannah and Pee Dee River drainages and currently they are distributed in 28 of the 46 counties in the state. Beavers inhabit 747 kilameters of stream and/or lake shoreline and affect a minimum of 7,138 hectares of bottomland. Total estimated damage loss to...