David C. Guynn, Jr.

An Evaluation Of Mississippi Game And Fish Commission I & E Programs With Reference To Deer Hunting

As part of a mail survey of Mississippi deer hunters, specific questions were addressed to participants concerning their exposure to various I & E media of the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission and their attitudes toward hunting antlerless deer. Fifty-five percent of the respondents had read the agency magazine, 83.1% had viewed the agency TV series, 78.1% had heard or seen radio or TV spots, 11.7% had attended a public hearing and 51.3% had read agency newspaper releases. Associations between exposure to the magazine, TV series and public hearings and attitude toward hunting...

A Self-Service System For Estimating Hunter Usage And Harvest On Management Areas In Mississippi'

A self-service daily recreational permit was developed and tested on 6 Wildlife Management Areas in Mississippi during the 1976-77 season. The permit system provides data on hunter usage and harvest by species and day of the season, the effective area served by management units, and an indication of economic importance of recreational opportunities. The utility of the system is illustrated with data for deer hunting on the Issaquena Wildlife Management Area. These data should aid greatly in the formulation of management decisions and allocation of agency resources.

Mathematical Modeling and Wildlife Management: A Critical View

Increasing interest and attention to the application of mathematical modeling to large-scale wildlife management problems has given rise to questions concerning the appropriateness and reliability of these procedures to this problem area. An introduction to basic modeling concepts is presented. The characteristics and current status of wildlife management problems are discussed in conjunction with the capabilities and limitations of these procedures.