Dana L. Winkelman

Short-term Retention of Floy Anchor Tags by Stream-dwelling Smallmouth Bass

We conducted 2 short-term experiments to address Floy anchor tag (model FD-68B) retention in stream-dwelling smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) over 3 to 4 months. One experiment used stream-dwelling smallmouth bass held in an experimental pond, and the other was conducted on smallmouth bass in a northeastern Oklahoma stream. Tag retention in the pond over a period of 3 months was 100%, while tag retention in the field was 76% through 1.5 months and dropped to 48% through 4 months. Mean lengths were similar between smallmouth bass that lost and retained tags at both time periods....


Comparison of Feeding Regime and Diet on Compensatory Growth of Hybrid Bluegill

We conducted 2 experiments to evaluate the potential of feeding schedules designed to elicit compensatory growth and increase growth of hybrid bluegill (F1: male bluegill Lepomis macrochirus x female L. cyanellus). The first experiment evaluated a commercially prepared pellet and consisted of 3 treatments: fish fed every day and fish starved for 2 or 4 days after cessation of hyperphagia. The second experiment evaluated 2 diets, mealworms and commercial pellets, fed every day and on a 2-day starvation schedule. Growth and feed consumption in starvation treatments did not significantly...