D. A. Miller

Invertebrate Sampling Considerations in Intensively-managed Pine Stands of Mississippi

Understanding bias associated with invertebrate sampling methods is essential for relevant comparisons among studies. As invertebrate research becomes more prevalent, it is imperative that sampling technique efficiency across habitats is understood to facilitate selection of an appropriate sampling framework. Therefore, we compared results from suction sampling and pitfall trapping in intensively managed, mid-rotation pine (Pinus spp.) stands owned and managed by Weyerhaeuser Company near Scooba, Mississippi. We used a randomized complete block design of six replicate stands with four...


Predation Rates on Wild Turkey Hens in a Hardwood Bottomland Forest and a Mixed Forest in Mississippi

Concern has arisen about effects of predation on wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) populations because of increases in predator abundance. We examined differences in canid (Canis spp.) and bobcat (Felis rufus) predation of adult wild turkey hens between a hardwood bottomland forest and a mixed forest in Mississippi. Daily mortality rate from canids and bobcats was higher on the hardwood bottomland forest (0.002) than on the mixed forest (0.0006), but overall daily survival rates were similar. A higher predation rate on the hardwood bottomland forest from large predators may have been...


Potential Effects of Capture and Radio-monitoring on Eastern Wild Turkey Reproduction

Wildlife researchers often assume capturing and marking do not influence marked animals' behavior, but this assumption is seldom tested. Therefore, we investigated effects of capture on reproductive success of eastern wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in east-central Mississippi. Hens were captured by cannon net, wing-tagged, radio-marked, and released between January and March 1990-1993. Marked and unmarked hens were observed at July and August bait sites 1990-1993; those observed with ≥ 1 poult were classified as reproductively successful. Hens captured during January-March,...