Christopher McGrath

Using a Terrain-based Vegetation Model to Map Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel Distribution

Non-game Wildlife Outstanding Technical Paper

We tested an a priori plant community classification model, developed using topographic characteristics and GIS, to determine if it could be used to predict the distribution of the endangered Carolina northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus) in the Balsam Mountains of western North Carolina. Nest boxes were used to sample northern flying squirrel populations in areas of predicted presence versus areas of predicted absence. There was no difference between the two site types for presence or absence of northern flying squirrels. However, significant differences were found for...

Status Survey for the Greensboro Burrowing Crayfish

A survey in North Carolina was undertaken to determine the distribution and relative abundance of the Greensboro burrowing crayfish (Cambarus catagius). Public input was solicited for search locations and a methodology was devised to capture the species. The species was collected at 16 locations in North Carolina from Greensboro to Lexington and southeast to the Uwharrie National Forest. Many other observational data on the species, its habitat, and its relative abundance were also collected.

Natural Resources and Conservation of the Swift Creek Subbasin

The results of biological inventories and information about land uses in a North Carolina subbasin are linked to conservation directives. The product identifies the biological and ecological importance of a region which may be severely impacted by human developments if measures are not undertaken to conserve the rich fauna of the region.