C. E. Hoenke

Evaluation of Unattended Yo-yos and Triggers

The establishment of black bass (Micropterus sp.) size restrictions on some Louisiana lakes prompted a study to determine the catch and mortality rates of unattended yo-yos and triggers. From 15 November 1991 to 11 March 1992 gears were fished in close proximity in 5 impoundments a total of 825 nights per gear. The catch rate for all species was 0.168 fish/yo-yo night and 0.080 fish/trigger night. Largemouth bass (M. salmoides) catch rates were 0.005 fish/yo-yo night and 0.002 fish/trigger night. Mortality of all fish caught on unattended yo-yos and unattended triggers was 61% and 7%,...