Precision of White Crappie Population Parameters Under Single-night and Multiple-night Frame-net Sampling Regimes

White crappie (Pomoxis annularis) stock structure and catch rate estimates and their associated variances were compared between 1-night and 3-night frame-net sets. We set paired frame nets at each of 5 stations on 3 reservoirs in fall and early winter 1990. We ran 1 net of each pair the morning after it was set; the second net of each pair was allowed to fish for 3 nights continuously. PSD and RSDp estimates from each sampling regime were similar. Three night sets significantly increased precision of PSD estimates. Both 1-night and 3-night sets yielded similar estimates of CPUES, CPUEq, and CPUEp. Precision surrounding catch rate esimates for stock-size and quality-size fish increased significantly using 3-night sets.

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