Seasonal Movement and Distribution of Striped Bass in the Ohio River

Twenty-four adult striped bass (66.8-84.6 cm; 4-7 years) from the McAlpine Pool of the Ohio River were fitted with internal radio transmitters and tracked from May 1989 through May 1990. Study fish were found to be very mobile, although seasonal movement patterns were predictable. Tagged striped bass utilized the tailwater and upper pool sections during the spring, summer, and fall. Little use was made of the lower McAlpine Pool sections by striped bass. Fish in the pool were most often located in water between 0 to 6 m (x = 92.1% all seasons). Twenty-four hour surveys determined that striped bass total daily movement ranged from 1.3 to 4.3 km (x = 2.1 km/fish), with movement per hour varying from 0 to .3 km/hour. Fifty-eight percent of the daily movement was during the day following by the crepuscular (23.7%) and night (18.3%) periods. Four striped bass (16.7%) were still active at the end of the study. One striped bass died from unknown reasons (4.2%), 4 were creeled (16.7%), 4 emigrated from the McAlpine Pool (16.7%), 4 died from stress-related factors (16.7%), and 7 were not located after release (29.2%).

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