Comparison of Gill Nets and Jug Lines for Selectively Harvesting Large Gar

The effectiveness of gill nets and jug lines were evaluated for selectively harvesting large alligator gar (Lepisosteus spatula) and longnose gar (L. osseus) in Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas. Gill nets with bar-mesh sizes ranging from 5.08 to 15.24 cm and jug lines were fished during September and October 1986. Catch per unit of effort (CPUE) in number of fish per man-hour, lengths of gar captured, and relative selectivity by gear were compared. Average effort required to fish I gill net or 10 jug lines overnight was 1 man-hour. CPUE of both gar species was significantly greater by jug lines than by gill nets. Jug lines were more selective for gar than gill nets.

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