Publishing State Magazines: Outlook For The 80'S

New trends which effect state ma/!;azines can be seen in 4 major areas of printing: typesetting, paper production, press and fulfillment and color reproduction. As computers become more commonplace, in-house typesettin/!; is seen as a viable alternative for the smaller publication. Mill production and expansion schedules may force shorter run magazines to go to roll stock. This move can result in substantial savings if a partial groundwood coated stock is substituted for coated free sheets. The introduction of the mini web press makes this stock choice possible for the 25,000 to 100,000 run ma/!;azine. Innovation is finally reachin/!; the bindery with jet inking now in use in some plants for direct label application. Further developments indicate the possibility of the printer eventually handling fulfillment. Competition could allow these costs to become negotiable. Computerization is impacting color reproduction, too. Laser scanners, offering greater speed and detail can be interfaced with the startlin/!; new computerized Response 300 for almost unlimited color manipulations and on-screen pre-press function. Market research is proving an important resource to state publications for improved reader satisfaction and promotional thrusts.

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