Population Dynamics of White Bass in Beaver Reservoir, Arkansas

Age and growth, mortality and population structure of white bass from Beaver Reservoir were studied. The number of scale radii increased with age of fish and were useful in the identification of annuli. Growth histories for year classes 1958-1970 showed increased growth during the reservoir formation. Analysis of growth data by the von Bertalanffy growth formula indicated that the postimpoundment white bass attained larger asymptotic lengths than the preimpoundment fish. The factors influencing the asymptotic size were discussed. The population structure revealed that the Beaver Reservoir white bass population was of a declining population with a dominance of older age groups. On the basis of this study, it was recommended that catch limit on white bass be removed and effective January 1974, by the action of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, there has been no catch limit on white bass in Beaver Reservoir.

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