The Role of Access in Hunter Use of Canaan Valley, West Virginia

The purpose of this study was to determine how an area of low quality unmaintained access affects hunter satisfaction and use of the Canaan Valley in northeastern West Virginia. The 10,120 ha (25,000 acres) northern half of the valley supported a high, well distributed population of hunters during the 1973-74 hunting season. The valley Ooor, where access is the most difficult, supported 67 hunter days per 40.5 ha (100 acres) and the mountainside supported 63 hunter days per 40.5 ha (100 acres). Approximately 10 percent (160) of the hunters using the valley during the] 972-73 season were interviewed by telephone. Hunters were satisfied with road conditions even though the three main access roads into the valley must be negotiated by truck, four-wheel drive vehicle or ATV. A difficult ride into a hunting area may play an important role in the total hunting experience.

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