Growth and Production of Golden Shiner Notemigonus Crysoleucas (Mitchill), Under Different Stocking Densities and Protein Levels

Golden shiner fry (0.18-0.21 g) were raised in 6O-gallon tanks for a period of six months under constant temperature and photoperiod but varying stocking densities and protein levels in food. The stocking densities and protein levels were 20, 28, and 36 fish per tank, and 28, 33, and 38% protein. All the fish were fed at 5% of body weight. Growth in weight and production were evaJuated in relation to stocking densities and protein levels. It was found that a density of 20 fish/60 gallons (100,000 fry per acre) and feed containing 33% protein were desirable for raising golden shiner.

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