Effect Of Temperature Changes Upon Developing Striped Bass Eggs And Fry

A comparison study was made to determine the effects of temperature upon the percent hatch of striped bass eggs and upon fry survival. No significant difference for percent hatch was found at incubation temperatures between 60°F. and 75°F. at 5° increments. Temperature shock between 65°F. and higher temperatures appears to have a more deleterious effect on freshly fertilized eggs than eggs incubated for 16 or 44 hours at 65°F. before transfer to the same higher test temperatures. Fry produced at 65°F. and transferred to the various test temperatures two days after hatching showed an apparent difference in survival as temperatures exceeded 65°F. A significant difference in fry survival was observed only for those eggs hatched at the various test temperatures and then exposed to 80°F. temperature.

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