The Physical-Chemical Limnolgy of a New Reservoir (Beaver) and a Fourteen Year Old Reservoir (Bull Shoals) Located on the White River, Arkansas and Missouri

This paper compares limnological conditions of two reservoirs in the same drainage to determine whether there is a significant difference in basic fertility associated with age. Bull Shoals, the older reservoir of the study, filled in 1952, contains 45,440 acres ,at top of power pool, and has been under intensive study since June 1963. Beaver Reservoir, located upstream, began filling in December 1963 and reached 16,210 acres in 1965. At top of the designed power pool, it will encompass 28,220 acres. This new reservoir has been under study since June 1964. All the more commonly assayed physical and chemical parameters, dissolved organic matter content and trace elements, were monitored at designated stations on a year-round basis. Results of these te9ts through August 1965, proved inconclusive in demonstrating a significantly higher nutrient base in the new reservoir.

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