Electro Fishing, Using a Boat as the Negative

The use of an aluminum boat as the electrode on streams and rivers is quite simple and is as effective as the electrodes suspended from the side of a boat. This eliminates the need of any electrodes hanging over the side of the boat and allows the operator to work efficiently through trash and submerged obstaeles. It is necessary, if using direct current or pulsed direct current, to connect the negative lead to the aluminum hull of the boat instead of to the electrodes suspended on each side. The individual items required and their use in this operation, e.g., variable voltage pulsating unit, modified negative and positive electrodes and others, are described. The eost of the unit, including boat, motor, trailer, variable voltage pulsator, miscellaneous and safety items, is approximately $2,000.00. Safety items are listed and described to assist in eliminating shock hazards.

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