Minorities in Natural Resources Conservation Committee

The Minorities in Natural Resources Conservation Committee (MINRC) is responsible for advising the SEAFWA Directors and making recommendations on a broad range of matters regarding effective human resource management at member agencies.  Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to employee recruitment and retention (including minority recruitment); training and development (i.e., degree programs, professional certifications, in-service training, etc.); leadership development; workforce and leadership succession planning; and initiatives for enhancing employee engagement.

The mission of MINRC shall be to identify best practices and recommend initiatives or programs that may be implemented by member agencies to enhance the recruitment, professional development, and retention of highly skilled employees in positions at all levels. MINRC's mission goals and objectives are to assist SEAFWA member agencies and federal natural resource conservation agencies in the Southeastern U.S. to enhance the overall representation of minorities and women in professional occupations within the field of natural resource conservation. MINRC has established policies and procedures under which it operates to accomplish its mission.

The Committee presents an award to the agency that has most improved its workforce diversity programs. 

MINRC also provides fellowship opportunities for minority students to attend the SEAFWA annual conference.  For information and to apply, click on the "Documents" button above. For more information on the conference, click here.