Law Enforcement Technical Committee members

Member Role(s)
Michael Weathers
Enforcement Section Chief
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
(334) 242-3467
  • Member
Colonel Brad Young

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  • Member
Colonel Roger Young

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Member
Colonel Eric Gibson
Director of Law Enforcement
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

  • Member
Colonel Chad Hebert

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
225-765-2990 x1700
  • Member
Colonel Jerry Carter

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

  • Member
Randy Doman
Chief of Enforcement
Missouri Department of Conservation
(417) 256-7161
  • Member
Colonel Jon Evans

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
  • Member
Lt Colonel Nathan Erdman
Chief of Law Enforcement
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
918-331- 5555
  • Member
Colonel Darren Rider

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
  • Member
Colonel Chad Jones

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Member
Colonel John Cobb
Director of Law Enforcement
Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

  • Member
Colonel Bobby L. Cales
Chief of the Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Section
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

  • Member
Colonel Thomas Barnard

Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division
  • Chair
Colonel Chisolm Frampton
Deputy Director, Law Enforcement Division
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

  • Chair