size structure

Effectiveness of Slot-length Limits to Maintain an Arkansas Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery Characterized by High Voluntary Release Rates by Anglers

SEAFWA Journal Volume 3, March 2016

Lake Monticello in southeastern Arkansas is a renowned destination for trophy-sized (≥3.63 kg) largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides; LMB). However, little analysis has been conducted on population characteristics of this population and the anglers fishing for them. Therefore, the size structure and potential harvest of the bass population was evaluated in the context of an existing 406-533 mm slot-length limit (SLL) and other potential SLLs. A total of 1023 LMB was collected using electrofishing during springs 2006-2007. Differences in growth were detected among gender with only one male...

Characteristics and Conservation of a Trophy Alligator Gar Population in the Middle Trinity River, Texas

SEAFWA Journal Volume 3, March 2016
Fisheries Outstanding Technical Paper

The middle Trinity River in Texas supports one of the premier trophy alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) fisheries in the world. Published data on alligator gar life history and population characteristics are sparse, yet these data are needed to inform conservation and management. Using data from over 850 fish collected between 2007 and 2014, we described the size structure, population abundance, angler exploitation, and vital rates of this unique population. Collection of fish relied heavily on angler cooperators and included a three-year mark-recapture effort and the removal of...

Population Dynamics of Bowfin in a South Georgia Reservoir: Latitudinal Comparisons of Population Structure, Growth, and Mortality

SEAFWA Journal Volume 1, March 2014

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the population dynamics of bowfin (Amia calva) in Lake Lindsay Grace, Georgia, and to compare those dynamics to other bowfin populations. Relative abundance of bowfin sampled in 2010 in Lake Lindsay Grace was low and variable (mean±SD; 2.7±4.7 fish per hour of electrofishing). Total length (TL) of bowfin collected in Lake Lindsay Grace varied from 233-683 mm. Age of bowfin in Lake Lindsay Grace varied from 0-5 yr. Total annual mortality (A) was estimated at 68%. Both sexes appeared to be fully mature by age 2 with gonadosomatic index values...

A Comparison of a Fixed vs. Stratified Random Sampling Design for Electrofishing Largemouth Bass in Oklahoma

SEAFWA Journal Volume 1, March 2014

Two sampling designs were compared to evaluate Oklahoma's standardized sampling procedures for electrofishing largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in reservoirs. Historical subjectively-chosen fixed sites were sampled along with random sites stratified by habitat category (good, fair, and poor) at four reservoirs in central Oklahoma. The stratified categories were determined by a composite of the shape/structure of the bottom, substrate type, and type of cover available in 0.5-km transects. Using the stratified random design, three of the four reservoirs showed significantly different (...