Richard A. Snow

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Oklahoma Fishery Research Laboratory, 500 E. Constellation Norman, OK 73072, USA

Effects of a Growth Check on Daily Age Estimates of Age-0 Alligator Gar

SEAFWA Journal Volume 3, March 2016

Accurate age and growth information is essential for a complete knowledge of life history, growth rates, age at sexual maturity, and average life span in fishes. Alligator gar are becoming increasingly managed throughout their range and because this species spawns in backwater flooded areas, their offspring are prone to stranding in areas with limited prey, potentially affecting their growth. Because fish growth is tightly linked with otolith growth and annulus formation, the ability to discern marks not indicative of annuli (age checks) in alligator gar would give managers some insight...

Seasonal Food Habits and Prey Selectivity of Alligator Gar from Texoma Reservoir, Oklahoma

SEAFWA Journal Volume 8, March 2021

Alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) were once viewed negatively by anglers and state agencies, but interest in reintroduction and trophy management of gar has increased in many states across their range, including Oklahoma. Therefore, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is planning to reintroduce alligator gar back into their native range. Thus, biologists decided to implement a food habits study to determine potential impacts of alligator gar to other fish populations in order to address angler concerns about possible reintroduction. The objectives of this study...