SEAFWA Journal Volume 10 Table of Contents


Graham F. Montague, Richard A. Snow, Douglas L. Zentner, Austin D. Griffin

1    Comparing Precision of Otolith and Pectoral Spine Age Assessments for Black and Yellow Bullheads

Joseph V. Siegel, Stuart Welsh, Nate Taylor, Quinton Phelps

10   Size Structure, Age, Growth, and Mortality of Flathead Catfish in the Robert C. Byrd Pool of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers

Steven J. Rider, Travis R. Powell

17    Characteristics of Commercial Paddlefish Harvest from a Provisional Fishery in the Alabama River, Alabama

John Davidson, Clayton Raines, Curtis Crouse, Christopher Good, Brandon Keplinger

27    Evaluating Brook Trout Egg and Alevin Survival at Different Temperatures in Simulated Karst Environments with Marl Sedimentation

Dustin M. Smith, Stuart A. Welsh, Corbin D. Hilling

36    Environmental Correlates of Walleye Spawning Movements in an Appalachian Hydropower Reservoir

Hunter R. Hatcher, Patrick A. Strickland, Scott M. Bisping, Ryan D. Henry

45    Evaluation of Methods to Minimize Weight Change of Potential Record Fish During the Certification Process

Paul R. Port, Jeremy T. Risley

51   Fishing Effort and Harvest of Smallmouth Bass in a Small Arkansas Ozark Stream

Preston C. Chrisman, Charles E. Cichra, Daniel M. Rankin

58    Sportfish Population Characteristics Following Mechanical Largemouth Bass Removal in Two Small Public Fishing Impoundments in South Carolina

David W. Goodfred, Chris J. Wood

68    Effects of Introduced Alabama Bass on an Existing Largemouth Bass Fishery in Moss Lake, North Carolina

Brandon J. Keplinger, Quinton E. Phelps, James D. Hedrick

76   Long-Term Response of a Largemouth Bass Population to a Protected Slot Limit Regulation in a

West Virginia Small Impoundment



Beau A. Bauer, Richard M. Kaminski, Patrick D. Gerard, Ernie P. Wiggers, J. Drew Lanham

85    Aquatic Invertebrate Biomass in Coastal South Carolina Impoundments Managed for Waterfowl

Michael C. Sullivan, II., Michael D. Kaller, Lucien P. Laborde, Jr., Kevin M. Ringelman, Jeffrey P. Duguay, Larry A. Reynolds

92    Differences in Hunter Harvest Metrics by Survey Modes

W. Mark Ford, Emily D. Thorne, Alexander Silvis, Elaine L. Barr, Michael P. Armstrong, R. Andrew King

100    Maximum Likelihood Estimator and Nightly Acoustic Count Values as Weight of Evidence of Bat Maternity Activity

Hila Taylor, Karen E. Powers, Wil D. Orndorff, Rick J. Reynolds, Eric M. Hallerman, W. Mark Ford

107   Sources of Yearly Variation in Gray Bat Activity in the Clinch River Watershed, Virginia

Jesse L. De La Cruz, W. Mark Ford, Shane Jones, Joshua B. Johnson, Alexander Silvis

114    Distribution of Northern Long-eared Bat Summer Habitat on the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

Jesse L. De La Cruz, W. Mark Ford, Shane Jones, Joshua B. Johnson, Alexander Silvis

125    Distribution of Summer Habitat for the Indiana Bat on the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

Braiden A. Quinlan, Jacalyn P. Rosenberger, David M. Kalb, Emily D. Thorne, W. Mark Ford, Michael J. Cherry

135   Estimating Elk Abundance Using the Lincoln-Petersen Method



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