Go Fish Georgia: A Plan for Improving Water-based Tourism in Georgia

Go Fish Georgia is an initiative intended to boost the state's economic development while transforming Georgia into a world-class fishing destination. The initiative will capitalize on Georgia's diverse fishing opportunities and provide improved fishing and recreation access points throughout Georgia. The three primary goals of Go Fish Georgia are to: 1) improve the quality of fishing in Georgia waters by enhancing fish habitat and by improving fish stocks including the construction of a new state-of-the-art hatchery/research facility, 2) develop and/or improve access to Georgia waters from smaller, underutilized aquatic resources up to the development of a system of major fishing event access areas on Georgia's larger reservoirs and rivers, and 3) increase fishing participation by promoting Georgia resources through a new Go Fish Georgia Center. The economic benefits of Go Fish Georgia are expected to be significant and will be distributed to local economies, helping to fund, for example, the development of a Georgia Bass Trail as well as other initiatives throughout the state. Go Fish Georgia is also expected to improve services and fishing opportunities through the state.

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