Bird Conservation Activities in Kentucky: Implementation through Innovative Partnerships

All-bird conservation, although relatively simple in concept, is extremely challenging at nearly every level when trying to implement. State wildlife agencies are often faced with budget constraints, staffing limitations, or logistical challenges (e.g., access to private lands). The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has been successful in overcoming many of these challenges through innovative partnerships that have co-funded positions with the Department, provided matching funds for grants, and facilitated large-scale research and habitat management projects for priority species. In addition, the Department's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy planning effort is helping to prioritize conservation efforts to ensure complete coverage of various bird conservation plans. Successful implementation of the Department's comprehensive plan, and therefore its all-bird conservation activities, will rely on strong partnerships and continued funding of federal conservation programs. Key words: all-bird conservation, Kentucky, partnerships, cost-share programs, private lands, Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

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