Economic Impacts of Onshore Fishing Sites and Fishing Tournaments on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Our study attached a monetary value to marine resources associated with fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 2001, we conducted on-site surveys (N = 475) to collect expenditures of marine onshore anglers and marine fishing tournament participants in the Mississippi Gulf Coast three-county region. We then determined the extent and economic impacts of these activities and integrated marine onshore angler economic impacts and attendances into a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our survey response rate was 86%. Total sales impacts generated from fishing-related expenditures totaled approximately $2.6 million in the three-county Mississippi Gulf Coast region and $2.9 million statewide. We also determined whether onshore fishing locations attendances were affected by their proximity to a casino. No significant differences were found for those onshore fishing locations attendances which were within one-half mile (T = 0.62 and P = 0.56) and one mile (T = 0.29 and P = 0.78) of a casino and those which were more than one-half mile and one mile, respectively. With increasing commercial development in the coastal area, studies such as ours can aid governmental entities in decision making crucial to these environments and the local economy.

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