Distribution of Freshwater Bivalves in the Canoochee River Drainage, Georgia

The Canoochee River originates in the Southern Coastal Plain of Georgia and flows through the Coastal Flatwoods to terminate at the Ogeechee River. The Canoochee Drainage is the largest tributary of the Ogeechee River and is a fifth-order woodland stream. Investigators surveyed 83 sites for freshwater bivalve presence, noting species and counting individuals. We analyzed water chemistry parameters including nitrate nitrogen, total inorganic nitrogen, total dissolved phosphate, and total dissolved copper. Multiple linear regression (MLR) analysis indicated mussel densities and catch per unit of effort to be positively correlated with nitrate nitrogen concentrations and pH even though mussel densities are low on the Canoochee River Drainage. We found highest densities of mussels in the Canoochee River as well as in Wolfe Creek.

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