Taxidermy of Illegal Florida Wildlife—Taxidermy by Fred

In June 2002, investigators of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed a black market distributor of illegally obtained and protected wildlife species in South Florida. The suspect operated a black market taxidermist business in which he received money to mount the illegally obtained wildlife. Some of the animals were then sold to other customers in South Florida. A covert investigator infiltrated this enterprise called Taxidermy by Fried and identified the suppliers of the wildlife. The investigator became so trusted by the suspect that he accompanied the suspect on an illegal alligator hunt in South Florida. After four months of investigation, the take down phase of Taxidermy by Fried yielded arrests of seven suspects on 26 charges: 14 felonies and 12 misdemeanors. Intelligence gathered after interviewing showed this market had dealt in illegal saltwater fish, alligators, protected birds, illegal deer, and black bear. The operation depended upon the cooperation of numerous state and county agencies and coordination of investigative techniques with prosecuting authorities to provide the most efficient apprehension of suspects of wildlife violations.

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