The Nemours Wildlife Foundation: A New Partner in Wildlife Conservation

Future successes in wildlife conservation will hinge on our ability to forge partnerships, and the best opportunities for new partnerships will come from private, nonprofit foundations. The number of new foundations is growing at a remarkable rate, and the funding they provide to projects dealing with the environment and wildlife exceeds $1.7 billon annually. Additionally, these foundations are rich in scientific and educational expertise, land for study areas, laboratories, and other resources essential for scientific investigations and educational programs. Private foundations have produced many of our best scholars and professional leaders. The Nemours Wildlife Foundation, located in the coastal plains of South Carolina, was established by Eugene duPont, III, and family in 1995 and is one of these new partners in wildlife conservation. Its missions are to develop and use management practices that conserve and sustain natural resources, to develop a creditable research and outreach program, and to preserve the sport hunting heritage. The Nemours Wildlife Foundation seeks to be a partner with other natural resources organizations to ensure good stewardship of our land, water, and wildlife resources.

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