During 1996 and 1997, local wildlife officers reported illegal activity indicating the need for a covert operation to be conducted in and around the Everglades City area of Collier County, Florida. Information indicated individuals in the area were taking large amounts of wildlife and fish including deer, white ibis, snook, and possibly marine sea turtles. As a result, in May 1998, Operation Alliance was born. The operation consisted of 1 covert investigator taking up permanent residence in the Everglades City area. His task was to establish himself as an outlet for illegally taken wildlife and fish. Another investigator was assigned as case agent to handle evidence, non-covert investigations, and officer safety. After 2 years of investigation, Operation Alliance closed with the arrest of 13 individuals on 101 charges. This included 53 second degree misdemeanors, 3 first degree misdemeanors and 45 third degree felonies.

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