Bird Communities of Four Grazed and Ungrazed Habitats in the Post Oak Region of Texas

This study examined species composition and relative abundance of birds in the Post Oak Region of Texas during winter and spring 1993. A grazed and an ungrazed site were established in each of 4 habitat types: forests, woodlands, upland pastures, and wet meadows. Habitat characteristics of the study sites were evaluated using plot and point methods. Birds were surveyed using time-area circular plot methods with 4 plots per study site. Highest numbers of bird species and individuals were recorded in the woodlands during winter and wet meadows during spring. As a result of flocking birds, more individuals were recorded in grazed woodlands, pastures, and meadows than on the ungrazed sites during winter. Otherwise, ungrazed study sites generally had more species and individuals than did the grazed sites of similar habitats. Differences between grazed and ungrazed sites were probably the result of mechanical vegetation manipulation rather than cattle grazing.

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