Seasonal Fluctuations in Growth and Condition of Trout in a Southeastern Tailwater

Growth and condition of rainbow trout and brown trout in the Caney Fork River below Center Hill Dam in middle Tennessee were investigated for 1 year. Rainbow trout stocked in that spring grew faster (13 mm and 20 g/month) than rainbow trout stocked in June and August 1997. Brown trout grew slower in summer and fall (8 mm and 10 g/month) in summer and fall and faster (17 mm and 61 g/month) in winter. Adjusted mean weight of brown trout dropped from 141 g in May 1997 to 113 g in October 1997. Rainbow trout stocked in summer 1997 lost 14% of their body weight by fall 1997. Condition of both species improved in late fall with a corresponding improvement in tailwater dissolved oxygen concentration.

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