Exploitation of Crappie by Contest Anglers on Lake Texoma, Texas-Oklahoma

Contest angler exploitation rates for crappie (Pomoxis spp.) ≥254 mm total length (TL) were estimated for Lake Texoma, Texas-Oklahoma, from tags returned by anglers fishing in Crappiethon USA contests in 1994 and 1995. Unadjusted contest angler exploitation was 27% in 1994 and 23% in 1995. Exploitation rates were adjusted for handling and tagging mortality and tag retention. Non-reporting was assumed to be 0%. Handling and tagging mortality rate estimates were 22% in 1994 and 10% in 1995. Tag loss for both years was calculated at 14%. Adjusted contest angler exploitation rate of crappie ≥254 mm TL during Crappiethon was 41% in 1994 and 30% in 1995.

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