Dispersal of Black Bass following Tournament Release in an Oklahoma Reservoir

Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) were tagged and released following a series of weekly tournaments at Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma, in 1993. Forty-nine percent of the 176 fish recaptured in 1993 were caught within 0.8 km of the release sight and 64% were caught within a 1.6-km radius. Dispersal during the second year was slightly greater with 35% of the 56 recaptured bass coming from within 0.8 km and 46% from 1.6 km of the release site. The maximum distance from the release site that a tagged fish was recaptured was 12 km with a median distance of 1.6 km after 18 months. Natural dispersal and the use of live-release boats to redistribute tournament-caught bass during the second year of the study reduced the number of tagged fish that were recaptured; however, the harvest rate of tagged bass caught by non-tournament anglers was similar between 1993 (68%) and 1994 (67%).

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