Tracking as an Enforcement Investigative Tool

The value of tracking and foot impression evidence has been highly underrated during investigations in the past. This oversight has been due to the lack of training in finding and following tracks and knowing the value of foot impressions as conclusive evidence. Today, however, there exist instruction and technological advances which can promote the use of foot impressions to the forefront of investigative concerns. Foot impression evidence may be as conclusive as DNA and finger prints when processed properly. The ability to find, age, and follow tracks are skills all of us are capable of performing to some degree. Where there are people, there are tracks, both indoors and out. Tracking knowledge will enhance an officer's awareness, investigation, search and rescue abilities, and self confidence, and can be as conclusive as any other evidence available today. As conservation officers we are often thought to be the ultimate woodsman; as a skilled tracker we can make this concept a reality.

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