Economic Impact and Associated Values of the Wild Turkey in Mississippi

The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) has ecological, aesthetic, recreational, and economic values. Gross expenditures of hunters have been used to estimate economic value of game species. We examined the economic impact and associated values of the wild turkey in Mississippi. Expenditures of wild turkey hunters were obtained from a mail survey (N = 2,143, 69.6% response to economic section) and were used in an input-output model to determine economic impacts for the state. There were 39,775 hunters engaged in 334,856 activity-days in 1993. Wild turkey hunters spent an estimated $14.8 million or $44.27 per hunter day in 1993. Total sale impacts were $16.7 million. The value-added component of the economic impact totaled $10.4 million and supported 385 jobs. We also examined the structure of the economy in relation to the wild turkey. Expenditures and revenue in the state that related to the wild turkey were derived from industries, institutions, organizations, agencies, and associations. Revenues and income of these groups totaled $11.4 million in 1996. The wild turkey is a valuable resource in Mississippi, but the state's economy can further benefit by increasing the turkey population and expanding industries that manufacture equipment or materials associated with turkey hunting.

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