Comparison of Electrofishing and Hoop Nets for Collecting Blue Catfish in 2 South Texas Rivers

Baited hoop nets and low-frequency DC electrofishing were compared to determine which method would provide numbers of blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) to sufficiently describe population characteristics using the least effort in 2 South Texas rivers. Catfish were collected with both gear types, July-August, 1995-1996. Electrofishing resulted in 11.4 fish/man-hour of effort, while hoop netting resulted in 0.1 fish/man-hour. Size of fish collected ranged from 42 to 865 mm with electrofishing and from 320 to 398 mm with hoop netting. Low-frequency DC electrofishing provides an efficient method for collecting blue catfish in South Texas rivers during summer.

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