Missouri's 1994 Conservation Monitor: Taking the Public's Pulse

The Conservation Monitor was a telephone survey of 854 Missourians first conducted in 1994 by the Gallup Organization for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Objectives were to assess Missourians' opinions on the state's environment, MDC's performance, and conservation issues. Results revealed high satisfaction among Missourians with the care given their state's fish, forests, and wildlife, and more generally with the care given Missouri's natural environment. However, 28% did not know or were incorrect about MDC's responsibilities, and 40% were unable to suggest one thing the agency might do better. Missourians thought a much larger portion of the state is in public ownership than is true and perhaps assume that state and federal resource agencies in Missouri are in a stronger position to influence land management than is the case. The Conservation Monitor was repeated in 1995 and scheduled again for 1996 using the same questions to track public opinion on conservation issues.

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