Hatchery Performance and Reuse of Domesticated White Bass Broodstock

White bass (Morone chrysops) were reared to maturity and spawned in 2 consecutive years to evaluate their hatchery performance and potential for reuse. Egg production and hatching could not be statistically compared between 2- and 3-year-old fish due to estimation of size data and pooling of hatch data in 1994. Three-year-old virgin females had a mean production of 81,413 larvae/kg body weight and an egg hatching level of 62.9%. No statistical differences (P ≤ 0.05) in latency, egg and fry production, or hatching were detected between 3-year-old virgin and previously strip-spawned fish. Hatchery performance data for domesticated white bass were similar or greater than the information available on similarsize wild white bass. Our results suggest that domesticated white bass may be a suitable substitute for wild fish currently used in hatchery operations.

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