An Evaluation of Phase II Palmetto and Sunshine Bass Co-stockings in the Escambia River, Florida

Equal numbers of tagged sunshine bass (Morone chrysops female X M. saxatilis male) and palmetto bass {Morone saxatilis female x M. chrysops male) were stocked in the Escambia River for 4 years to determine which striped bass hybrid was better suited for stocking based on tag returns. Total tag return rates after 4 years was 11.2% for sunshine bass and 10.1% for palmetto bass. Over 90% of all tag returns occurred during the first 9 months after stocking. There was no consistent difference found in return rates between palmetto and sunshine bass. Although not statistically significant for all year classes, return rates seemed to be related more to the size of fish at stocking rather than the types of striped bass hybrid stocked.

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