A Development Plan for Preaching Rock Wildlife Education Center, Georgia

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center (CEWC), comprised of Preaching Rock Wildlife Education Center (PRWEC), Marben Public Fishing Area (PFA), and Clybel Wildlife Management Area (WMA), is managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division to serve a variety of user groups, including students, hikers, teachers, anglers, hunters, birdwatchers, and others. The area contains 2,438 ha (6,023 acres) of land, 29 ponds, and a 2-ha (5-acre) rock outcrop. This paper outlines the site development plan for PRWEC and discusses programs and facilities that are to be developed. The mission of PRWEC is to educate Georgia's youth and adults about wildlife, natural resources, and outdoor skills to help them become wise stewards of the environment. Proposed youth education programs include a 3-day residential program, a wildlife outreach program, and a day-use program. A teacher education program will instruct teachers how to use the out-of-doors as a classroom, including a program for developing Outdoor Learning Centers. Other adult education programs will include volunteer, intern, and Elderhostel programs. Indoor and outdoor demonstration areas and a network of nature trails will also be developed.

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