Status of the Green Salamander in South Carolina

In 1989 and 1990 a green salamander (Aneides aeneus) habitat study was conducted in the mountains of Oconee, Pickens, and Greenville counties, South Carolina. Based upon the topographic characteristics of 14 known green salamander sites in South Carolina, a list of criteria was developed to identify areas of potential habitat in the state. Twenty-four 7.5' topographic maps containing areas with possible habitat were subdivided into 0.16-km2 sections and evaluated to determine the number of potential green salamander habitat areas. Of 15,789 sections in the study area, 670 grids (107.20 km2) had a high probability of potential green salamander habitat. Another 33% of the moderate probability sites contained potential habitat, totalling 2,631 grids (420.96 km2) of green salamander habitat in South Carolina.

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