Florida's Commercial Trade in Native Amphibians and Reptiles

A program was implemented by the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission (Commission) to collect information on the scope and magnitude of the commercial trade in native species of amphibians and reptiles to improve management of this wildlife resource. During the first 2 years of the reporting program (1 Jul 1990-30 Jun 1992), 1,050 salamanders (12 species), 41,493 anurans (18 species), 8,669 turtles (13 species), 19,346 lizards (13 species), and 49,240 snakes (35 species) were reported collected from the wild and sold in the pet trade. Most of the salamanders (85%), 42% of the anurans, 34% of the turtles, and 13% of the snakes came from the Panhandle. Most of the lizards (80%) and snakes (76%), 50% of the turtles, and 27% of the anurans came from Lake Okeechobee south. The seasonality of harvest of anurans, turtles, lizards, and snakes by the major collectors varied between northern and southern Florida. Native amphibians and reptiles were sold to 49 states and 19 other destinations. Florida snake skin dealers reported purchasing 3,647 eastern diamondback (Crotalus adamanteus) and 366 timber rattlesnakes (C. horridus) from Florida and 18,289 and 4,346, respectively, from other states.

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