Differences in Estimates Generated by Two Tag Types

During 1978-1991, Floy FD-68B "T bar" type tags and Floy internal anchor tags were used on Lake Walter F. George to estimate exploitation of the largemouth bass population. Tag loss and non-reporting of tags by anglers were calculated in an attempt to adjust exploitation and total catch estimates. Over the 5-year period, tag loss averaged 20% per year for Floy FD-68B tag and <1% for the Floy internal anchor tag. Non-reporting of tags by anglers was estimated to be 33%. Based on tag returns, exploitation was estimated to be 23% for fish tagged with FD-68B tags and 28% for fish tagged with internal anchor tags. Estimates of the total catch of tagged bass were 48% and 58% for FD-68B and internal anchor tags, respectively. These estimates differed significantly by tag type used, even when adjusted for tag loss.

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