Characteristics of the Adult Segment of the Savannah River Population of Shortnose Sturgeon

During 1984-1992, 626 adult shortnose sturgeon (3.5 male:l female) were captured in the Savannah River. Significantly more fish were captured in the lower (rkm 42-75) than the upper (rkm 160-299) river. Radio telemetry data indicated that spawning appeared to occur upriver, between rkm 179 and rkm 278, and that the specific location and time of spawning varied annually. Some individuals spawned in consecutive years, but others apparently did not. Nonspawning fish appeared to remain in the vicinity of the fresh/brackish water interface (ca. rkm 30-40) throughout the spawning season. Most shortnose sturgeon left the freshwater reaches of the river in Spring soon after the spawning season (January-April) and probably did not return until late Autumn/early Winter, just prior to the spawning season.

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