TELEDAT: An In-field Computer System for Processing Radio-telemetry Data

TELEDAT is an interactive BASIC computer program written for the Texas Instruments TI-74 hand-held calculator to process and store radio-telemetry location data while in the field. TELEDAT simplifies field-tracking and increases the accuracy and precision of telemetered triangulation data by: (1) providing in-field estimation of animal location and receiver-to-transmitter distance; (2) calculating error polygon size and long diagonal; (3) identifying error conditions such as azimuths that do not cross or are near-parallel; and (4) reducing the error inherent in data coding and entry. TELEDAT uses virtually any rectangular *-y-coordinate system including Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates for determining transmitter location and will store data from 1 to 50 receiver stations. TELEDAT can store up to 720 locations on a single 32K-cartridge. Use of multiple cartridges provides unlimited data storage capability. Stored data can be printed in the field or uploaded to any IBM-compatible DOS-based PC for further analysis.

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