Nesting Habitat of American Alligators in Coastal South Carolina

We determined nest occurrence and density among habitats and described physical factors associated with nesting sites for American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in coastal South Carolina. Nests were located in managed impoundments more than expected, remnant impoundments less than expected, and unaltered wetlands as expected. Nest densities averaged 1/83 ha, 1/225 ha, and 1/286 ha in impoundments, unaltered wetlands, and remnant impoundments, respectively. Most (96%) nests were found in fresh to brackish wetland types. Salinity of nearest water to the nest averaged 6.74 ppt. Nests were built an average of 4.35 m from water. Impoundments may provide economic incentives to landowners through egg and hatchling collections.

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