Harvest and Band Recovery of Captive-reared Mallards Released by the State of Maryland, 1974-1987

Maryland Department of Natural Resources personnel banded 52,193 captive-reared mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) released in Maryland from 1974— 1987. Although most recoveries (91%) occurred in Maryland, ducks that survived a single hunting season, particularly males, were more likely to be recovered outside the state. Most recoveries (79%) of state-released mallards occurred during the first hunting season after release and nearly all (>99%) occurred within 5 hunting seasons. About 16% of the ducklings (Frost, environmental-conditioned ducklings, >6 weeks old) released were eventually harvested at an average cost of $43.87 per duck bagged. We estimate that harvest of state-released ducks contribute <6% to the total duck harvest in the state.

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