Feral Hog Control Efforts on a Coastal South Carolina Plantation

During a 19-month intensive control program 589 feral hogs (Sus scrofa) were removed from 4,500 ha of forest-marsh habitat in the lower Coastal Plain of South Carolina. Of 112 adult females removed, 66 were pregnant, 79 were lactating, and 44 of these were pregnant and lactating. Of 43 females in the 6-11 months age class, 34 had conceived at least 1 litter by the time of death and 9 had conceived twice. Litter size in 45 females was 5.0 ± 2.3. Cost per animal removed was $54. A substantial number of animals remained in the habitat after the program was terminated. Incidence rates for swine brucellosis and pseudorabies were 13.3% and 9.7%, respectively. Where feral hog population densities are substantial, herd reduction efforts must be intensive and continuous until the goal is reached.

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